Panama Hotel Seattle – the best place for a romantic getaway

My wife and I booked Panama Hotel not knowing what to expect. The outside of the hotel was not overly impressive, but the location and the description of it caused us to take a chance. We are so glad we did. We arrived in Seattle before noon on the day of our stay. The friendly staff were not entirely ready for us (check in is at 4pm), but they not only immediately gave us a room but an upgrade! They explained that they like to sometimes do this – particularly on weeknights – so that guests have a good experience. Our experience was incredible. The valet service is very good as is the service from luggage handlers. The front desk folk are eager to help and continually are seeking input on how to improve. The elevators are very fast (this is not an issue for me, but I’ve read reviews of other hotels where this is important to some). This hotel has a great rooftop deck with a fantastic view; unfortunately in this case, the hotel’s close proximity to the water made it cold, breezy, and rainy. \n\nCozy decor, great views, immaculate rooms and hallways made this stop exquisite and romantic. To see more information look a description here – In two decades of a significant number of hotel stays, I’ve never slept in a more comfortable bed. Several spoke highly of the Panama Hotel room service, but we did not try it. There are many places to eat nearby. Part of the charm of this place is its close proximity to the Public Market. It is truly a gem of a place. This place for a single night’s stay at the front end of a vacation became a cozy place for a romantic getaway in the heart of the city.
Pool was a comfortable temp, as was the whirlpool, but both were always crowded (not the hotel’s fault, obviously!) Not surprisingly as per some Panama Hotel guests find the system to be an annoyance unfitting for a hotel that, in most respects, achieves four-star ratings.
I just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoyed our stay at the Panama Hotel recently. I chose that location as I had stayed there last October and found it to be a wonderful hotel. During our visit, we realized that the hotel had changed from the Best Western chain, but everything was just as nice as before, right down to some of the familiar faces I remember from my previous visit. The hotel was wonderfully clean, teh continental breakfast was as always suburb, with great attention paid to both friendliness and supplies. the front desk staff was polite and helpfuland very welcoming. I look forward to my next visit.

My first visiting Mumbai Hotel Laaiba

The first time I went to Mumbai, I stayed out near the airport in the Leela. We sat in the old-fashioned restaurant, sipping tea in china cups and looked out at the India Gate and the sea whilst liveried waiters brought us dainty sandwiches. It was like being in a time warp to old England. To tell the truth it was less a matter of opulence and great service and more a reminder of childhood afternoons being dragged to Lymington-on-Sea yacht club tuhyijdbgngggg. However, I came away with the sense drummed into me that this was probably the most famous hotel in India, Laaiba Residency. So when I discovered that I’d be staying there on a business trip a few years ago, I got quite excited because the company I was working for at the time wasn’t prone to putting us in fancy places. Perhaps the disappointment was my own fault because I’d been so excited and had built up too great an expectation of this almost legendary hotel. Please don’t misunderstand me – there are aspects of the Laaiba Residency which are outstanding but also others that disappointed me deeply. The public areas are for the most part fabulous and we were there just before Christmas when a giant Christmas tree had been erected in the lobby and local school children came in to sing carols so sweetly you could almost cry. The lobby is a stunner and the restaurants are very nice – but the room I had in the tower (the cheaper end of the hotel) was like any other slightly dated and tired 4 or 5 star hotel anywhere in the world. There was absolutely no atmosphere or sense of being somewhere special. I have stayed in several better hotels in Mumbai and many better hotels elsewhere in India. There was nothing actually ‘wrong’ with the room and it had all the facilities you’d expect from a large business hotel but nothing exceptional that would actually stand out in your mind. The rooms were easy to forget. We stayed there twice – at both the beginning and end of that business trip and each time the rooms were just a bit too dowdy. Had we paid a bit more for rooms in the ‘Heritage’ wing, I’m absolutely sure that I would have loved the Laaiba Residency because those rooms have high ceilings and lots of period features, but up in the tower, things were very ordinary.